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Human Carbohydrate Binding Protein for Modulation of Immune Responses
We have identified a putative receptor of the human innate immune system (expressed on lung epithelial cells and macrophages thus far) that binds to carbohydrate ligands such as chitin and potentially cellulose. We have shown that knocking down the gene for this receptor with siRNAs in lung epithelial cells in vitro results in dampening of the innate...
Published: 8/12/2014   |   Inventor(s): Christopher Lawrence, Brad Howard, Liwu Li
Category(s): Drug Discovery
Drug Targets for Fungal-Associated Respiratory Disorders
Proteins from the fungus Alternaria have importance in the pathogenesis of some chronic respiratory allergies and disorders. This technology identifies fungal proteins that are critical for the onset of these diseases and are potential drug targets. US Patent 7,662,400 US Patent 7,887,820 US Patent 7,972,611
Published: 9/5/2012   |   Inventor(s): Christopher Lawrence
Keywords(s): Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
Category(s): Drug Screening