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Field Tunable Functionality Graded Multilayer Ceramic Capacitators
The multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) have attracted a great deal of attention for their huge amount of usages and applications. However, the typical dielectric materials used in MLCC have the problem of a nonlinear change of capacitance over the temperature range due to their intrinsic ferroelectric characteristics. The X7R (-55°C to +125°C...
Published: 12/22/2016   |   Inventor(s): Hyun-Cheol Song, Shashank Priya, Deepam Maurya
Category(s): Electrical
New Processing Method for Grain-Oriented Lead-Free Piezoelectric Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-BaTiO3 Ceramics Exhibiting Giant Performance
Due to the toxic nature of lead-based piezoceramics, there is a push for lead-free piezoelectric materials. However, these possess weaker desirable responses and are more difficult to grow as a singlular crystal, although the introduction of texturing slightly improves the properties. Virginia Tech has developed a novel way to produce lead free piezoceramics...
Published: 9/20/2012   |   Inventor(s): Deepam Maurya, Shashank Priya
Category(s): Materials, Energy, Process/Procedures