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Self Powered Autonomous Robot (SPAR) for Power Line Vibration Control
THE CHALLENGE: Wind induced vibrations are a major concern in engineering structures like power lines and suspended cables. Often the result of inclement weather, these vibrations result in annual outage costs of between $18 and $33 billion according to the Department of Energy. While conventional methods include fixed passive vibration absorbers,...
Published: 4/18/2022   |   Inventor(s): Oumar Barry, Jiamin Wang, Paul-Camille Kakou
Category(s): Engineering
Enriching Inlet
THE CHALLENGE More than 99.9999% of air is comprised of gases that are not chemically reactive (e.g., nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide), even in polluted regions. The remaining <0.0001% of air includes all the components that form what we typically think of as air pollution (toxic odors, particulate matter, ozone, etc.). Due to these extremely low...
Published: 10/11/2021   |   Inventor(s): Gabriel Isaacman-Van Wertz
Category(s): Environment, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Engineering, Materials
BOLT, a Robotic Leg Inspired by Biology
THE CHALLENGE Legged robots have demonstrated superior mobility when traversing difficult and uneven terrain compared to both wheeled and tracked vehicles. This advantage makes legged robots the preferred choice for search and rescue systems in the aftermath of disasters. Few robots have been successfully developed and used in the field due to the...
Published: 10/11/2021   |   Inventor(s): Pinhas Ben-Tzvi, Vinaykarthik Kamidi
Category(s): Engineering
Unlocking True 3D Printing Potential
THE CHALLENGE 3D printing has transformed industries by enabling the use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) techniques. Unfortunately, most 3D printing is done by sequentially printing two dimensional layers; this means that classic 3D printers are unable to fabricate parts with complex load paths. The weaknesses introduced at layer interfaces significantly...
Published: 10/11/2022   |   Inventor(s): Joseph Kubalak, Christopher Williams
Category(s): Engineering, Computer Software, Materials
Smart Exoskeleton Glove
THE CHALLENGE A number of ailments can adversely affect the mobility of the human hand including stroke, brachial plexus injury, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome. In the United States, at least 1.1 million people report difficulty performing ordinary grasping operations; this heavily reduces their earning potential. In some cases, such as stroke,...
Published: 8/4/2021   |   Inventor(s): Raghuraj Chauhan, Oumar Barry
Category(s): Devices, Engineering
Robotic High Throughput Rheology Platform
THE CHALLENGE Current gel material characterization techniques are low throughput, present barriers to process integration, and are limited regarding the frequency range over which rheological properties can be characterized. As a result, they limit the pace of materials discovery, thus shifting the paradigm of material characterization towards the...
Published: 10/11/2021   |   Inventor(s): Blake Johnson, Alexander Haring, Manjot Singh, Junru Zhang
Category(s): Materials, Devices, Engineering
3D Printable Multifunctional Fibers
THE CHALLENGE 3D printing has enabled the customized production of many objects and devices, but that technology currently only creates passive units. THE SOLUTION Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a coaxial micro-extrusion technique that enables us to take advantage of triboelectric energy generation and custom build sensors to fit anywhere....
Published: 3/5/2021   |   Inventor(s): Blake Johnson, Yuxin Tong, John Robertson, Xiaoting Jia, Ziang Feng
Category(s): Engineering, Biotechnology, Materials, Biomedical, Devices, Diagnostic, Energy
Polymerization Via a Metal Centered Catalyst from Nanocellulose
High-density polyethylene composites are now able to go beyond previously realized storage moduli at 6-7% v/v loading using cellulose nanocrystals (CNC)s as the filler material. Using a custom catalyst, polymerization is carried out directly from the surfaces of the CNCs in a heterogeneous (slurry) fashion. Mechanical testing showed that this...
Published: 2/8/2019   |   Inventor(s): Earl Foster, Keith Hendren, Paul Deck, Travis Baughman
Category(s): Process/Procedures, Chemicals, Engineering
Self-Powered Optically Coupled Logic-Output Magnetic Flux Probes
This disclosure describes integratable features of all coaxial-type sliding contacts for applications where pulsed current transfer across rotating interfaces applications is desired.
Published: 4/11/2019   |   Inventor(s): Victor Sung, Willem Odendaal
Category(s): Engineering
An Automated Battery Disassembling Process
This invention can be integrated into the current Li-ion battery manufacturing paradigm and significantly lower the battery manufacturing cost. Alternatively, the invented process can be used to generate recycled materials for reselling.
Published: 6/30/2022   |   Inventor(s): Robert Sturges, Jr., Zheng Li
Category(s): Engineering
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