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Chlorine Resistant Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Materials and methodologies have been developed for the preparation and characterization of chlorine resistant membranes, which are much better than the state of the art systems available to the reverse osmosis water purification industry. The resulting materials are based upon largely commercially available systems and reproducible polymerization...
Published: 9/3/2012   |   Inventor(s): James Mcgrath, Benny Freeman, Ho Bum Park
Keywords(s): Environment
Category(s): Energy
System and Method for Enhanced Wastewater Treatment
The present invention relates generally to wastewater treatment and, more particularly, to utilizing shear energy to promote the breakdown of solid constituents of a wastewater stream.
Published: 9/3/2012   |   Inventor(s): John Novak, Christopher Muller, Mohammad Abu-Orf, Charles Blumenschein, Mark Laquidera
Keywords(s): Environment
Category(s): Environment