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Superconductor Fiber
The ability of superconductor materials to conduct electricity with nearly zero resistivity is well known, but limitations such as the requirement for extremely low operation temperatures has limited the realization of this potential. The "superconducting optical fiber" takes advantage of pre-existing technologies and manufacturing techniques...
Published: 9/20/2012   |   Inventor(s): Gary Pickrell, Daniel Homa
Category(s): Materials
Sensor Based on Producing Long Thin Holes in Optical Fibers
This innovation consists of a novel optical fiber for use as a pressure sensing device. The optical fiber described includes a random, non-uniform array of holes along the length of the fiber created by a gas during the fiber drawing process. Sensitivity to applied load or pressure change is improved since the optical fiber experiences a large wavelength...
Published: 9/3/2012   |   Inventor(s): Gary Pickrell, Daniel Kominsky, Rogers Stolen, Jeong Kim, Anbo Wang, Ahmad Safaai-Jazi
Category(s): Communication, Chemicals, Devices, Diagnostic, Engineering, Imaging, Materials, Optics
Biologically Self-Assembled Micro and Macrostructure Ceramics, Metals and Polymer Materials
A method to utilize biologically active materials to influence the formation of the micro and macrostructures of ceramics, metals, and polymer systems. The porosity which results can be tailored to be long and thin "tubes" or spherical pores depending upon the consistency of the starting material and the conditions of processing. Densities from...
Published: 9/3/2012   |   Inventor(s): Gary Pickrell
Keywords(s): Materials/Other
Category(s): Nanotechnology, Materials