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Novel Mosquito-Targeting Insecticide
ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY Globally in 2022, there were an estimated 249 million malaria cases and 608,000 malaria deaths in 85 countries. Malaria has been and continues to be a prominent health concern all over the world. In some areas, the method of defense against the vector, Anopheles gambiae, is profoundly limited. For example, many of those in sub-Saharan...
Published: 1/16/2024   |   Inventor(s): Joshua Hartsel, Ming Ma, Troy Anderson, Ranginee Choudhury, Paul Carlier, Jeffrey Bloomquist, Sally Paulson, Eric Wong
Keywords(s): Agriculture/Pest Control
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Chemicals/Materials, Technology Classifications > Biomedical, Technology Classifications > Pharmacology and Therapeutics