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Potent Antimalarial Compound
THE CHALLENGE Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitos and is a significant world health problem. The disease kills 430,000 people per year and sickens over 2,000,000. The development of a successful malaria vaccine is still decades away, and malaria...
Published: 4/13/2021   |   Inventor(s): Paul Carlier, Max Totrov, Maria Cassera
Category(s): Medical, Biomedical
Orally Active Tetracyclic Antimalarial Compound
THE CHALLENGE While current malarial drugs are able to protect against some strains, new malarial drugs are urgently needed to combat drug-resistant malaria infection. Also, current malarial drugs cannot be administered orally, which reduces the potential for safe drug delivery. OUR SOLUTION Dr. Paul Carlier and his team have discovered a structurally...
Published: 3/5/2021   |   Inventor(s): Paul Carlier, Sha Ding, Jopaul Mathew, Kevin Kunz, Max Totrov, Maria Cassera
Category(s): Drug Discovery
Novel Methylerythritol Phosphate Pathway Inhibitors
The apicoplast is essential to the malaria parasite and its main function during asexual blood stages is to provide the isoprenoid precursor isopentenyl diphosphate (MEP) pathway. Without IPP, the parasite cannot synthesize isoprenoids; this IPP deficit is cytocidal and may also reduce the ability of the parasite to invade host cells. Since humans...
Published: 10/29/2014   |   Inventor(s): Paul Carlier, Maria Belen Cassera, Emilio Merino, Zhong-Ke Yao
Category(s): Medical, Agriculture, Animal/Veterinary, Biomedical, Therapeutic