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Self-Powered Optically Coupled Logic-Output Magnetic Flux Probes
This disclosure describes integratable features of all coaxial-type sliding contacts for applications where pulsed current transfer across rotating interfaces applications is desired.
Published: 11/6/2017   |   Inventor(s): Victor Sung, Willem Odendaal
Category(s): Engineering
Greatly Improving EMI Filter High Frequency Performances Through the Cancellation of Inductive Couplings and Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL) of Capacitors
Because EMI standards are enforced by governments in the world, all electronic equipment uses EMI filters. The parasitics, including parasitics of components and parasitic couplings between components, affect EM1 filter performance significantly. At high frequency range, these parasitics determine filter performance. Usually, in order to reduce couplings...
Published: 9/3/2012   |   Inventor(s): Shuo Wang, Fred Lee, Willem Odendaal
Keywords(s): Microelectronics
Category(s): Electrical