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Stub Loaded Helix Antenna
A novel antenna design which exhibits performance characteristics similar to the traditional helical antenna such as gain and circular polarization. The antenna is about one third smaller in diameter and one-half as long as traditional helix antenna. The antenna is suitable for use in satellite communication systems, wireless local area networks, and...
Published: 9/24/2014   |   Inventor(s): R. Michael Barts, Warren Stutzman
Keywords(s): Communications, Wireless Portfolio
Category(s): Communication
An Analog/Mixed Signal Orthogonal-Frequency-Division-Multiplexing Analog-to-Digital Converter Architecture
The invention is an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) architecture for use with Orthogonal-Frequency-Division-Multiplexed modulation. The OFDM ADC replaces the ADC and FFT processor in the typical OFDM receiver. The invention processes the Fourier Transform as part of the analog-to-digital conversion process, reducing the total system power in two...
Published: 9/3/2012   |   Inventor(s): Mark Lehne, Sanjay Raman
Keywords(s): Electronics, Wireless Portfolio
Category(s): Communication
High-Quality Detection Based on Sequential Interference Cancellation Techniques
The present invention relates to a system and method for successive interference cancellation in a multi-user wireless communication system. In one aspect of the invention, a method of decoding signals from a plurality of superimposed signals.
Published: 9/3/2012   |   Inventor(s): Minh Nguyen, Amir Zaghloul
Keywords(s): Communications, Wireless Portfolio
Category(s): Communication
A Fourpoint Antenna
This Fourpoint Antenna technology offers significantly improved bandwidth over competing atennas without increasing mechanical size, making it extremely applicable for wideband wireless communication in both military and commercial applications. Measurement data from one hardware model demonstrates that a single Fourpoint Antenna covers a frequency...
Published: 9/3/2012   |   Inventor(s): Seong-Youp Suh, Warren Stutzman
Keywords(s): Communications, Wireless Portfolio
Category(s): Communication, Consumer Products, Devices, Electrical