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Composition, Structure, and Method for Fabrication of Tunable Inductors with Large Tunability
Tunability of conventional inductors is achieved either by mechanically tuning through bias magnet(s) or by adjusting the electric current in solenoids/electromagnets. These devices are typically bulky, slow, noisy, and inefficient. Various efforts have been devoted towards developing voltage tunable inductors that have large tunability and low energy...
Published: 3/30/2017   |   Inventor(s): Yongke Yan, Shashank Priya
Category(s): Electrical, Materials, Energy
Composition of Textured Piezoelectric Materials for Achieving High Energy Density
Extensive research has been carried out on PZN single crystals because of their excellent dielectric and piezoelectric properties. Although PZN single crystals can be grown by the flux method, perovskite PZN ceramics cannot be synthesized by the conventional mixed-oxide method without doping. Attempts to synthesize perovskite PZN ceramics invariably...
Published: 12/22/2016   |   Inventor(s): Yongke Yan, Shashank Priya, Jin Heo, Kyunghoon Cho
Category(s): Energy
Method and Composition for Achieving High Piezoelectric Voltage Coefficient
A rapid surge in the research on piezoelectric sensors is occurring with the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoTs). Single-phase oxide piezoelectric materials with giant piezoelectric voltage coefficient (g, induced voltage under applied stress) and high Curie temperature (Tc) are crucial towards providing desired performance for sensing, especially,...
Published: 4/11/2016   |   Inventor(s): Yongke Yan, Shashank Priya
Category(s): Electrical
Multi-Layer Textured Piezoelectric Ceramics
Effective multilayer devices (for example, multilayer actuators) require materials with high electromechanical properties. By combining the TGG method with low-temperature cofiring ceramics (LTCC) techniques, we successfully co-fired textured piezoelectric ceramics materials that have silver inner electrodes and high electromechanical properties. Using...
Published: 9/20/2012   |   Inventor(s): Yongke Yan, Shashank Priya
Category(s): Materials, Devices, Electrical
Methods for Manufacturing Textured PZT Piezoelectric Ceramics
Piezoceramic processing is a low-cost technique, but the superior properties of single crystals are not observed in multi-crystal ceramics because the properties are averaged across all of the crystals. In order to emulate the properties of single crystals, creation of textured piezoelectric ceramics with desirable properties by cost-effective template...
Published: 9/20/2012   |   Inventor(s): Yongke Yan, Shashank Priya
Category(s): Materials, Process/Procedures, Electrical, Energy, Engineering