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Multiphase Coupled and Integrated with PCB winding for PFC Converters
In this invention, the inductors of multiphase PFC converters are coupled and integrated into one magnetic core. The coupling can improve converter efficiency. With a novel structure, the inductors can be built with PCB winding with similar loss as traditional litz wire inductors. In addition, balance technique is applied to reduce common mode EMI noise....
Published: 2/6/2017   |   Inventor(s): Yuchen Yang, Mingkai Mu, Fred Lee, Qiang Li
Category(s): Electrical
Gas Separation Membranes Formed By Crosslinking Polyarylene Ethers
Polyarylene ether ketone (PAEK) polymers are known to be stable to hydrolysis and have desirable thermal properties; however, they are susceptible to plasticization by CO2 and hydrocarbons, leading to swelling and a decrease in performance for gas separation applications. The present invention utilizes crosslinking to improve the performance of polyarylene...
Published: 2/10/2014   |   Inventor(s): James Mcgrath, Ruilan Guo, Yu Chen, Benny Freeman
Category(s): Chemicals, Materials
Transformer Shielding Technique for Common Mode Noise Reduction in Isolated Converters
This innovation presents a universal method to reduce the common mode noise in isolated converters by eliminating the noise path in the inter-winding capacitor of the transformer. It is suitable in both typical winding transformers and PCB winding transformers. This innovation also provides a method to reduce common mode noise using balance concept....
Published: 9/21/2012   |   Inventor(s): Yuchen Yang, Daocheng Huang, Qiang Li, Fred Lee
Category(s): Energy