Converter Topologies for Multiple Energy Sources Power Conversions

Invention is a power converter circuit that effectively utilizes multiple energy sources and makes them available at a higher voltage level so that it is more efficient for high power conversions.  The multiple energy sources may contain a primary generating source such as fuel cell and photovoltaic, and a secondary power source such as a rechargeable battery and an ultra high-density capacitor.  Typically these energy sources are more efficient and economical with low voltages.  In order to transfer high power, it draws a very large current that generally is not efficient. The invention devises a combination of boost converter and buck-boost converter so that the source voltage can be controlled and regulated at a higher voltage level.  With the same amount of power transfer, the invention allows smaller current and this is more efficient.  In addition, the invention fully utilizes the switching devices that are commercially available.  As compared to the state of the art technology, the invention can reduce main circuit device counts by 50%, and thus reducing the overall cost of the power conversion equipment.
Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
US Utility *United States 10/302,724 7,138,730 11/22/2002 11/21/2006 Issued
US Divisional *United States 11/582,209 7,336,004 10/16/2006 2/26/2008 Expired/Unpaid Fees
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