Multi-phase Interleaving Isolated DC/DC Converter

This invention proposes a high output current and high efficiency topology.  Compared to a conventional phase-shift full bridge with Current-Doubler rectifier, the proposed Zero-Voltage Switch Multi-phase Interleaving Isolated DC/DC Converter reduces the synchronous rectifier conduction loss as well as the transformer winding loss.  Furthermore, the proposed transformer structure is compact so the power density of the converter could be greatly increased.  Analysis and experimental results show that the proposed topology shows its great advantages when the converter output current goes higher and voltage goes lower as demanded by future microprocessors.  A 1.0V/150A, 300kHz prototype is designed and the experimental results show that it can achieve 81.6% efficiency at full load.  This invented circuit is really simple and highly efficient.  It can be a very good candidate to be used in the field of low voltage high current application such as 48V power pod for microprocessors.
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US Utility *United States 10/457,907 6,944,033 6/10/2003 9/13/2005 Abandoned
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