Biologically Self-Assembled Micro and Macrostructure Ceramics, Metals and Polymer Materials

A method to utilize biologically active materials to influence the formation of the micro and macrostructures of ceramics, metals, and polymer systems.  The porosity which results can be tailored to be long and thin "tubes" or spherical pores depending upon the consistency of the starting material and the conditions of processing. 
Densities from 90% down to as low as 30% of the theoretical density (10% to 70% by volume of air in the material) of the material have been made to date.  The size of the porosity can be controlled by the amount of biological agent added and the conditions under which the material is processed.  Pores ranging from less than 100 microns up to several millimeters have been observed. 
Although demonstrated in ceramic systems so far, it is easily seen that this process will work for powder metal processing as well as polymer processing for both powder and melt formed polymers.
Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
US Divisional *United States 11/531,025 7,632,440 9/12/2006 12/15/2009 Abandoned
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