Sensor Based on Producing Long Thin Holes in Optical Fibers

This innovation consists of a novel optical fiber for use as a pressure sensing device. The optical fiber described includes a random, non-uniform array of holes along the length of the fiber created by a gas during the fiber drawing process. Sensitivity to applied load or pressure change is improved since the optical fiber experiences a large wavelength dependant increase in optical loss when pressure or force is applied. The optical fiber remains completely insensitive to changes in temperature or axial strain along the fiber.
Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Holey Optical Fiber with Random Pattern of Holes and Method of Making Same US Utility *United States 10/863,805 7,444,838 6/9/2004 11/4/2008 1/15/2025 Issued
Holey Optical Fiber with Random Pattern of Holes and Method for Making Same US Continuation *United States 11/929,058 7,567,742 10/30/2007 7/28/2009 10/30/2027 Expired/Unpaid Fees
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