Inductor-less Soft-Switching Bus Converter with Self-Driven

This invention proposes a simple topology for bus converter application.  The output inductor is eliminated.  The magnetizing current is used to achieve ZVS for all switches.  By choosing leakage inductance and output capacitance carefully, the turn-off current for the primary switch is very small and ZCS for the secondary switches is achieved.  Most importantly, the body diode loss is eliminated.  Because the voltage across the SR is clamped, low voltage rating devices can be used. The prototype verified the theoretical analysis and achieves 95.2% efficiency at 800kHz switching frequency, 500W output and quarter brick size.  This invention is really simple and less costly.  It could be a very good candidate for bus converter application.
Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
US Utility *United States 10/992,227 7,196,914 11/19/2004 3/27/2007 Abandoned
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