Current Senseless AVP Method for Future VRM

A novel method to achieve Adaptive Voltage Positioning (AVP) without any current sensing scheme is proposed.  The accuracy of this method is better than the conventional MOSFET Rds sensing and inductor DCR sensing.  No current control loop is needed to actively set the output impedance so that the stringent load line defined by Intel microprocessors can be satisfied.  Furthermore, the proposed method enables high bandwidth control loop design that can reduce the decoupling capacitors.  Simulation results as well as experimental verifications are given.  This invented AVP method is very simple and accurate.  It is a very good candidate to be used in the field of low voltage high current application such as 12V voltage regulator for microprocessors.
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US Utility *United States 11/094,433 7,605,572 3/31/2005 10/20/2009 Abandoned
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