New Magneto-Electric Transformer with Higher Voltage Gain

-Conventional transformers are electromagnetic types, which use a ferromagnetic body and one pair of primary and secondary coils wrapped around it.  To obtain a high voltage step-up ratio, a high number of turns-ratio is required.  For example, if a transformer with a voltage gain of 100x is needed , a 100 turn primary coils and a 10,000 turns secondary coils are required.  Furthermore, if any short or current overload occurs in the transformer output (i.e., secondary coils) the transformer will be burned out.  The current alternative technology, a piezoelectric transformer, has a high voltage gain, without primary or secondary coils; however, it needs a relative large driving voltage and it has a narrow frequency bandwidth.  Our new ME transformers offer a higher voltage gain than either the electromagnetic or piezoelectric types.  The ME transformers have the combined advantages of a current excitation (i.e., low-voltage input)  similar to electromagnetic transformers and a higher voltage output than piezoelectric transformers.  Thus, our ME transformer offers enormous voltage gains.  In addition, the ME transformers have a wide frequency bandwidth, without potential difficulties of burn-out from overloads or shorts.
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US Utility *United States 11/073,763 7,256,532 3/8/2005 8/14/2007 Abandoned
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