Wideband Phased Array Antenna Employing Increased Packaging Density Laminate Structure Containing Feed Network, Balun, and Power Divider Circuitry

This multi-element antenna system structure offers a novel architecture to substantially reduce the physical space required to implement and mount an associated feed network and interconnection circuitry. Therefore, this technology decreases the size and packaging density of a phased array antenna system. The new and improved, highly compact, wideband multi-element antenna structure successfully integrates, within a relatively thin laminate structure, a plurality of closely spaced and fed printed circuit antenna elements with their associated feed, balum, and power divider networks. In addition to the significantly reduced size and packaging density, this design increases the frequency of operation of the array; thereby improving the bandwidth coverage compared to pre-existing conventional four-square architecture systems. For a linearly polarized beam, the trimmed four-square array of the invention enjoys a frequency response that is equal to or better than that of conventional non-trimmed four-square architecture.

Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
US Utility *United States 09/477,853 6,300,906 1/5/2000 10/9/2001 Issued
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