Silicone-Urea and Silicone-Urethane Segmented Terpolymers also Containing Polyether and Polyester Soft Segments and Their Method of Preparation

Novel synthetic techniques were developed for the preparation of siloxane-urea segmented copolymers containing a gradient polyether interphase, with controlled morphologies and properties. This new process allows the preparation of high molecular weight, high strength siloxane-urea copolymers with urea hard segment contents ranging from 10 to over 40% by weight.  Polymer properties that can independently be controlled include modulus (10 to 120 MPa), ultimate tensile strength (2.5 to 22 MPa). level of equilibrium water absorption (~0 to 100% by weight) and refractive index (1.43 to 1.46).
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US Utility *United States 11/152,844 7,262,260 6/15/2005 8/28/2007 Abandoned
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