Battery Based Intrusion Detection


This invention offers a unique security system for computerized devices. The novel technique detects and alerts a user, microprocessor, and/or network administrator of undesired software operations, including, software attacks, worms, and viruses, through monitoring energy demands of battery power for mobile computing devices.

Portable computing devices are increasingly becoming targets of malicious software attacks, especially when linked via a wireless network. The increasing potential for undesired software operation demands a new system or method for detecting malicious software attacks. Conventional techniques for computer system protection, such as antivirus programs or firewall, greatly increase power consumption and thereby significantly reduce battery life. Additionally, portable devices under attack from viruses, worms, etc. will operate with impaired performance and abnormal battery depletion activities. This loss of battery power can be extremely detrimental to function and revenue.

Applied to mobile computing devices, the invented Battery-based intrusion detection (B-bid) technique provides formidable and effective means to determine abnormal battery depletion technology. A Host Intrusion Detection Engine (HIDE) monitors the power behavior of devices, and detects intrusion by noting irregular power consumption activities. HIDE works in conjunction with a Host Analysis Signature Trace Engine (HASTE) to provide protection for both mobile hosts and their affiliated network by alerting security administrators of potential attacks. In addition to power consumption detection, this invention detects undesired software operation through monitoring of frequency signatures. The device compares detected frequency signatures to a database of frequency signatures associated with undesired software, effectively identifying the present malicious software.

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