Lean Decision Support Tool

The Lean Decision Support Tool (LDST) is a decision support and analysis tool for lean processes. LDST first quantifies leanness by evaluating the degree of implementation of lean principles. The resulting leanness score is then used to identify specific problem areas and opportunities for improvement. Finally, LDST provides recommendations for specific actions and tools to address the problems and opportunities that have been identified.
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Lean Decision Support Tool (Main Program) Software Program US Copyright United States (CY/TM) TXu 1-262-159 TXu 1-262-159 9/26/2005 9/27/2005   Copyright - Registered
Lean Decision Support Tool (Database) Software Program US Copyright United States (CY/TM) TXu 1-266-934 TXu 1-266-934 10/18/2005 10/18/2005   Copyright - Registered
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