Reducing Common Mode Noise of Power Factor Correction Converters Using General Balance Concept

Common mode (CM) noise in power electronics systems is usually very difficult to control since it is a result from the dv/dt of power switching and the parasitic capacitance between power circuit and the ground, which are unavoidable for a switching power electronics system.  This invention introduces a novel idea to greatly reduce the CM noise with out extra cost, size and performance penalty.  The implementation is simple and can be implemented to boost PFC, dual boost PFC and other converter, inverter topologies.  Both theoretical analysis and experimental results proved that the invention is an effective way to reduce CM noise.  Because the CM noise is significantly reduced, the EMI filter design is much easier than the conventional design.  Furthermore, the cost of the EMI filter is also lower, since CM noise is much lower than that without the invention applied so that the smaller inductors and capacitors can be used.
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US Utility *United States 11/531,392 7,804,281 9/13/2006 9/28/2010 Issued
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