Enhancement of Nonlinear Susceptibilities in Organic Film Materials

This invention uses structural design at the nanometer level to achieve massive enhancement of the second order non-linear susceptibility of self-assembled organic films.  Susceptibility enhancements exceeding a factor of 60 have already been achieved in a simple embodiment of the invention, which already exceeds the performance of any other known material.  Further improvements should yield enhancements that may approach a factor of 100,000.  Such large improvement over existing non-linear materials will make it possible to significantly scale down the size of electro-optic devices that are based on second-order nonlinear materials (such as electro-optic modulators and switches) from the cm to the micron scale.  Devices of this size scale can readily be integrated into monolithic photonic circuits, which leads to significant cost saving in the fabrication and packaging of complex optoelectronic devices.
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US Utility *United States 11/842,946 7,772,013 8/21/2007 8/10/2010 Issued
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