Cage Positioned Tilting Pad Bearing

The new bearing concept could be used in turbochargers that have the existing standard floating bearing design of the turbocharger industry. The size of the bearing would be determined by the current bearing housing inside diameter in addition to the shaft diameter. The design could also be utilized on new turbochargers with essentially no modification to the basic bearing housing design.  The novel bearing design consists of a positioning cage that isolates each pad one from the other, and allows each paid to load itself owing to the offset and preloaded pad design. The cage and pad assembly is further held by a small diameter oring that prevents the pads from coming out of the cage during assembly. In addition, the small preload oring will assist in directing the majority of the oil flow around the bearing assembly and into the oil inlet holes of the cage. The oring is not desired to resist the tilting action of each pad.
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