Melt Electrospun Fibers Containing Micro and Nanolayers

Solution electro-spinning is a process that is used to produce nanofibers and they have been evaluated for applications in filtration, protective clothing, drug delivery, tissue engineering, sensors and nanocomposites. Solution electro-spinning is not an attractive large-scale manufacturing option from an environmental or safety stand-point. We have developed a novel approach at Virginia Tech that is solvent-free to create microfibers that contain alternating nanolayers, by combining layer multiplying and melt blowing technologies. This approach allows us to obtain nonwoven webs that have hundreds to over thousand layers of two different polymers within each microfiber. These webs are subsequently exposed to ultrasonication to create delamination of the layers which result in nanolayer melt electrospun (NME) fibrous webs that have unique properties, for example higher surface area.

Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
US 371 Utility *United States 14/366,323   6/18/2014   Prosecuting
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