I2 Average Current Mode Control of Switching Converters

In this invention, the I2 control average current mode is proposed. The conventional constant frequency average current mode control is a widely used control scheme for the converters requiring precise current control, but its transient response is relatively slow, while the switching loss and driving loss significantly diminish the light load efficiency. In this invention, by combining the fast direct current feedback and integral feedback, the I2 control achieves both high bandwidth and accurate current control. As a particular embodiment of this concept, by adopting constant on-time modulation, constant on-time I2 control needs no artificial ramp, and has fast dynamic response. Moreover, due to the decrease of switching frequency, contstant on-time I2 control improves the efficiency in discontinuous-conduction-mode. The concept of I2 control can be extended to other constant frequency modulations and constant off-time modulation.
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