A Novel and Advanced Nano Adjuvant for Vaccines Eliciting Antibody Responses


A novel nanoparticle based adjuvant system has been demonstrated which overcomes inadequacies of current vaccine adjuvants.


(1) tunable physicochemical properties

(2) excellent stability

(3) enhanced biocompatibility

(4) controlled release of adjuvant proteins

(5) enhanced uptake rate by dentritic cells

(6) reduced antibody by-product generation

(7) improves efficiency of vaccines which may reduce dosage requirements


In summary, aiming to circumvent the disadvantages of previously reported vaccine adjuvant systems, we successfully developed an adjuvant nanoparticle (LPK) comprising a lipids bilayer, and a PLGA core containing KLH. The tunable physicochemical properties, excellent stability, controlled release of adjuvant proteins, enhanced uptake rate by DCs, and biocompatibility make LPK an ideal adjuvant and delivery system for antigens to induce antibody production. Using LPK to adjuvant antigens may largely avoid generation of byproduct antibodies, promoting the specificity of vaccines and reducing the quantity of vaccines needed to induce sufficient antibodies that were achieved by conventional vaccines.

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