An Advanced Omnidirectional Impact Absorber

This impact absorber technology is well suited for high performance light weight applications where omnidirectional protection is a critical design requirement. The technology can also be used for unidirection applications with equally high impact performance. This technology offers improved initial compression stiffness, improved crush force efficiency, and a much higher stroke efficiency relative to other high performance designs. The technology is particularly well suited for applications such as helmets and passive earth entry space capsules that require omnidirectional impact protection as a design requirement. Typical omnidirectional impact absorbers have a spherical shape that makes high performance impact protection difficult. The developed impact absorbing mechanism maintains its high performance for spherical applications and its performance can easily be tuned for different payload sizes and peak acceleration limits. Depending on the application, impact absorbers can be constructed of inexpensive well characterized materials or from higher performance fiber reinforced composites. The impact absorber can be used to replace crushable impact absorbers already used in many applications such as motorcycle helmets, car seats, aircraft seats, and other applications.
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