Micro Extraction and Analysis of Organic Compounds from Aqueous Environmental Samples and Bodily Fluids

This invention describes the extraction of organic compounds from the aqueous sample followed by analysis using a micro gas chromatography (uGC) system. The extraction of organic compounds is performed by micro purge extractor (uPE) chip which is hybridly integrated with micro preconcentrator coated with Tenax TA adsorbent which serves as a trap. The uGC column (coated with polydimethylsiloxane as a stationary phase) and an embedded micro thermal conductivity detector (uTCD) are employed for the separation and the detection purpose respectively.

The invention can be further extended to monolithic integration of uPE chip with micro preconcentrator for the development of a stand alone micro-scale purge and trap chip. The chip can be used for the analysis of organic compounds in aqueous samples and bodily fluids. In addition, the current method sensitivity (500 ppb) can be further enhanced by using micro helium discharge photoionization detector (uHe-DID) monolithically integrated in the separation column.

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