Method to Improve Biomedical Images Produced by Limited-Angle Radiological Scanning

Producing high resolution medical images while minimizing radiation exposure is one of the challenges in the field of computer tomography.  With current technology, scanning a limited area results in internal problems giving unclear imaging.  In addition, the scan exposes the patient to high amounts of radiation, even when scanning small areas. Virginia Tech scientists have developed a new method to overcome these problems. This new method produces a clearer more accurate image by lowering the amount of scattering and increasing the resolution.  Because the area being scanned is smaller, the entire process is much faster and the patient is exposed to a significantly less radiation. Another key benefit of this technology would be that it is not limited to only one kind of scanner; it could be implemented in various types of image reconstruction devices.  This disclosure is related to that found in VTIP disclosure 07-071.
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US Utility *United States 12/362,979 7,697,658 1/30/2009 4/13/2010 Issued
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