Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Porous Media with Integrated Averaging (LBPM-WIA)

LBPM-WIA is a two-phase flow simulator that can be used to access a wide range of information relevant to petroleum recovery. The code includes both simulation and analysis components that can be extended to analyze information from well cores and make quantitative inferences to inform the strategy employed for recovery. The code can be extended to compute information such as porosity, pemeability, and relative permeabilities. By relying on a novel implementation, predictive information for multiphase systems can be obtained more efficiently than with traditional methods.

Based on LBPM-WIA method, this invention discloses a multi-tiered computational solution designed to efficiently manage the associated data in Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operation. Smart well technologies are critical to mitigate the inherent risks associated with EOR by exploiting the wealth of infor-mation that is available from well-core analysis, sensor data from wells, reservoir simulation, seismic inversion and other sources.

Additionally, this invention also discloses a Computational Modeling of Tumor Angiogenesis to quantitatively track the larger-scale tumor evolution. This modeling is to connect the numerical model to three-dimensional tumor images such that initial conditions for the tumor phases and vasculature can be provided for a realistic geometry.

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