Multi-Step Simplified Optimal Trajectory Control (SOTC) Based on Only VO and ILoad

In this invention, multi-step Simplified Optimal Trajectory Control (SOTC) based on only VO and ILoad is proposed to solve the challenges in the control of resonant converter. The main concept involved in this invention is that adaptive multi-step SOTC based on controller's performance is employed to settle resonant tank. The proposed method has a very simple control scheme, and almost the same performance as OTC, while at the same time can be easily extended to high frequency applications. With the proposed multi-step SOTC, 4 applications are claimed and explained in detail: the first claim is soft start-up based on Vo, which derives T and fs from Vo using calculation or table; the second claim is multi-step SOTC for high frequency resonant converter, which uses multi-step to ensure enough time for controller to calculate; the third claim is multi-step SOTC for burst mode of high frequency resonant converter, which uses adaptive multi-step for burst on-time to extend burst operation range; the forth claim is multi-step SOTC for transient between burst mode and normal operation, which uses the combination of burst mode pulse pattern and multi-step SOTC to settle resonant tank.


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