Fused Fiber Nanonet Based Single and Multi-Cell Diagnostic and Drug Testing Platform


The role of physical forces in disease onset and progression is widely accepted and this knowledge presents an alternative route to investigating disease models.  Cells both diseased and non-diseased have differences in force signatures.  Measuring forces in real time allows performing diagnostics of cells from patients and also provides a clear path to test drug efficacy.  Recently, numerous force measurement techniques have been developed to probe single and multi-cell behavior.  While these methods have yielded fundamental insights, they are yet unable to capture the fibrous extra-cellular matrix biophysical interactions, involving parameters of curvature, structural stiffness (N m-1), alignment and hierarchy, which have been shown by us to play key roles in disease and developmental biology. The platform technology presented here quantifies high spatio-temporal cell force modulation (both inside-out and outside-in) with and without the presence of a cytoskeleton altering drug using suspended and aligned fiber networks (nanonets) manufactured using the nonelectrospinning Spinnerer base Tunable Engineering Parameters (STEP) technique.  Our platform uses physiologically relevant nanonets as ultrasensitive force (~nanoNewtons) probes for diagnostic and drug efficacy measurements in disease models at the single and multi-cell resolution.

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