Methods of Preparing Sphere Coatings for Antibiofilm Materials

Bacterial infections that grow on medical implants are one of the leading causes of human misery and death.  Alleviation of this misery represents a significant opportunity for the Virginian economy, and an opportunity to increase our quality of life.  We have invented and demonstrated in vivo a new technology to significantly delay the onset of bacterial colonization that is part of the chain of events in an infection arising from an implant, and can also be used to prevent the growth of bacteria on household

goods.  The new technology is the use of thin films, and has already been successful against two known human pathogens.  The infection-causing bacteria have difficulty in forming biofilms on the coating.  One attractive aspect of the technology is that it can be used in conjunction with chemical methods.  The coatings are made from materials that are already known to be biocompatible, which should streamline regulatory acceptance, and they can be used as coatings on existing products, or in new products.


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