Automatic Esophageal Intubation Detection Device using Giant Magneto Resistance Sensors


This disclosure describes automatic esophageal intubation detector. This device uses a giant magneto recitative sensor to and a magnetized

stylet to automatically measure the position of an ET tube in a person’s throat. This method is less subjective then currently used methods

such as end tidal CO2 as it does not rely on user interpretation of data or physiological state of the patient. The device developed during this

for this disclosure was tested on an anatomical mockup, a porcine airway model and an intubation training dummy. In all three tests the

device performed well; accurately indicating tracheal intubation when the tube was placed in the trachea. Only one instance of a false

positive indication of tracheal intubation was recorded and this occurred in an atypical and avoidable situation. As of now the device

functions in non-obese adult male patients, but plans are in place to increase usability to the entire population.

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