Secular Vehicular Data Dissemination System

The proposed invention is intended as a low-cost adaptation to modern vehicular data transfer, which commonly uses a shared data bus and protocols similar to token ring network topologies, where devices notionally take turns in reporting their information to the master controller on the shared bus prior to returning the token / permitting another subsytem to communicate on the shared bus. Significant improvements are anticipated both in the security behavior (susceptibility to fraudulent messages) and the messaging latency (how quickly life critical messages can be sent without congestion on the bus) by transitioning the shared data bus to an orthogonally chanelized system, where independent channels are used to segment the population of subsytems into subsets (some subsytems such as the system controller or monitor may access multiple channels) that can operate simultaneously and exit on segmented (orthogonal) data buses that are electrically or logically separated from one another, while physically continuing to share the same core data bus structure. The preferred embodiment is frequency diverse channels, permitting uni- or bi-directional traffic, that employ physical filtering devices to prevent (mitigate) the transmission of messages from subsytem not authorized to do so (i.e. the Bluetooth enabled entertainment system cannot send messages to be picked up by the brakes).
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