Bioprinting of 3D (Three Dimensional) Bacterial Cellulose (BC) Scaffold for Tissue Engineering

A novel BC fermentation technique for controlling 3D shape, thickness and architecture of the entangled cellulose nano-fibril network is presented. The resultant nano-cellulose based structures are useful as biomedical implants and devices, are useful for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, and for health care products. More particularly, embodiments of the present invention relate to systems and methods for the production and control of 3-D architecture and morphology of nano-cellulose biomaterials produced by bacteria using any biofabrication process, including the novel 3-D Bioprinting processes disclosed. Representative processes according to the invention involve control of the rate of production of biomaterial by bacteria achieved by meticulous control of the addition of fermentation media using a microfluidic system.
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US 371 Utility *United States 13/498,657 8,691,974 3/28/2012 4/8/2014 Issued
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