MATLODE - A MATLAB ODE Solver and Sensitivity Analysis Toolbox

MATLODE is an ODE solver and sensitivity analysis toolbox in MATLAB core ordinary differential equation suite. MATLODE offers new families of algorithms and significantly higher order methods (within these families) than there is currently available in MATLAB's ODE suite. In addition, MATLODE offers users the possibility to add their own custom derived coefficients tailored for their applications. An important feature of MATLODE is a native MATLAB implementation of sensitivity analysis. This is of critical importance in a modeler's workflow because MATLAB, an interpretive language, allows for immediate model state inspection and manipulation.

MATLODE's applications include, but are not limited to, parameter estimation, data assimilation, optimal control, uncertainty quantification, and design optimization.

MATLODE is fully built into MATLAB's integrated development environment and facilitates rapid prototyping. Extensive examples and supplemental documentation are provided with each release.

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