A Portable Tuned Mass Damper with Simple Tuning/Design for the Reduction of Vibrations in Civil Engineering/Architectural Structures

This IP consists of a device called "Portable Tuned Mass Damper (PTMD)" which is designed to be compact, portable, and easily adjustable. All parts of the device are screwed to each other to facilitate the construction and assembly. It can be installed within a building floor plenum, architectural elements or can be placed at the desired location directly on the structure (such as a floor). It can also be placed within the architectural or ornamental elements of building such as planters, cabinets, etc.

Laboratory testing of the device has shown up to 85% reduction in the floor vibration when a 100 lb prototype was used on a 30ft x 30ft steel joist supported floor with a total weight of about 34,000 lb.

The IP also includes the accompanied documentation/software to facilitate the design, tuning, and assembly of the PTMD. Therefore, unlike the current commercially available systems, this device does not require highly trained personnel for its design, tuning, and installation.

The invented device is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and use. Depending on the requirements on the level of vibration reduction, a single or multiple PTMDs can be used to reduce vibrations. In addition, the total PTMD moving mass is easily adjustable, therefore, its effectiveness can be enhanced by increasing the number of insert steel plates within the PTMD system. The PTMD damping is also easily adjustable in the field by non-technical personnel.

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