F2mc Power Take-Off Pumps For Wave Energy Conversion

Virginia Tech's f2mc power take-off pumps convert energy from ocean waves in hydraulic energy using fluidic flexible matrix composite tube pumps. F2mc tubes consist of stiff reinforcing fibers embedded in a soft elastomer or polymer matrix. When a load is applied to the tubes, the volume of the composite pump is reduced and fluid is forced out of the tube through the stiff reinforcing fibers. When an absorber bundle (buoy) is attached to one end of the submerged pump in ocean, passing wave crests will cause the absorber bundle (buoy) to heave up, thus stretching the tube pump and forcing fluid out of the pump. After wave crest has past, the f2mc tube pump returns to its original length, drawing in fluid through a check valve. Continuous pumping is achieved with each passing wave crest. The f2mc tube pumps are simple (no moving parts), lightweight (rubber tube), flexible (can be wound on spool for storage and transportation), and inexpensive. The pumps can be made as small as 1mm in diameter and as large as 1 m depending on the capabilities of the fiber braiding system, and can be fabricated to any length.

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