Discrete Modular Serpentine Robotic Tail Mechanism for Mobile Legged Robots


The Discrete Modular Serpentine Tail (DMST) is a robotic manipulator that utilizes two degree of freedom hybrid actuation to achieve dynamic spatial configurations to provide enhanced performance onboard mobile legged robots. The DMST is constructed from rigid segments interconnected together using revolute joints. It is a hybrid mechanism since it utilizes direct servo motor drive for roll motion and a cable transmission system to form tail curvatures. The DMST is designed to minimize the number of actuators required to form articulate, spatial curvatures. Its modular design enables identical mechanisms to be connected in series to enable multi-curvature configurations. The mechanism is envision to be used onboard mobile robots to generate forces moments about its base to enhance stabilization, maneuvering, dynamic self-righting, and manipulation capabilities.

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