Roll-Revolute-Revolute Robotic Tail (R3RT) Mechanism for Maneuvering and Stabilization of Mobile Robots


The Roll-Revolute-Revolute Robotic Tail (R3-RT) is a robotic system capable of generating dynamic spatial trajectories to provide enhanced performance onboard mobile robots. R3-RT is constructed from a serial chain of revolute joints that form the tail structure and can accommodate two segments of scalable length to achieve two distinct tail curvatures. Novelties in the design include: 1) a cable routing design that ensures cable pair extensions/retractions are equal, allowing two motors to control the two segment's bending, along with a third to control endless rotation roll motion without the risk of breaking wires, 2) S-curve routing of the segment 2 cabling through segment 1 that enables decoupled segment actuation. The mechanism is envision to be used onboard mobile robots to generate forces moments about its base to enhance stabilization, maneuvering, dynamic self-righting, and manipulation capabilities.

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