Bamboo Fiber Modified Asphalt Mixture

This invention utilizes abundant natural resources of bamboo fiber to mix with asphalt. The raw material is cheap and readily available. The manufacturing process is simple, molding easy, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The prepared bamboo fiber modified asphalt mixture has good high temperature performance and resistance to water damage performance. It can be widely applied in highway pavement to improve the quality of highway.

Relative to the unmodified asphalt mixes, the fiber modified asphalt mixes can significantly increase the low temperature cracking resistance and water stability (freeze-thaw splitting strength and residual stability). The bamboo fiber modified asphalt mixture prepared by the invention has excellent overall road performance.

This invention has the following advantages over the prior art:

1. The present invention can effectively improve the high temperature stability of asphalt mixture, low temperature cracking resistance and water stability after alkali treatment of bamboo fiber.

2. The bamboo fiber has a hard and tough, high tensile strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance with the excellent performance at low temperature. The mixture has capability of energy absorption and high impact resistance. The non-brittle fracture and polygonal cross-sectional shape of bamboo fibers are irregular and have a serrated edge, containing come irregular pores and cracks, which help to increase the adhesion between fibers and asphalt.

Bamboo fiber decomposition does not occur at 260 C. It can be used as a fiber incorporated into the asphalt mix. The bamboo fiber modified asphalt mixture is also good for repairing the existing cracking roads and damaged surfaces by the water. It is also suitable as a new road material.

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