Method and System for Automatic, Systemic, Performance-Constrained Techniques for Reducing Power Consumption in Computer Systems

This invention will impact the efficiency and reliability of computing systems.  Our method and system analyzes system performance data and schedules processor frequencies to reduce power and energy consumption under user-quantifiable constraints.  In this way, users can specify how much performance they are willing to sacrifice and the system automatically schedules processor frequencies to meet user’s demands while minimizing power and energy consumption.  One of the key differences between this work and existing techniques is that our method considers system-wide performance as opposed to application-centric techniques.  Our techniques are completely transparent to users and applications.  For instance, users may specify 5% performance loss is acceptable for power and energy savings.  The system automatically monitors and meets these constraints without the need for training.  The system simply responds to loads at runtime such that it can be deployed on existing applications and systems.
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