Portable Methods for Reducing Component Energy While Guaranteeing Performance in Computer Systems

This technology allows users to specify performance and energy policies that are guaranteed by the software. Predictive analytic techniques are used to track load and schedule power policies for individual system components. The predictive analytic techniques are applicable to any device that has power modes controllable by software and load that can be monitored by software. The technology describes a method for managing the power modes in a high-performance, scalable solution. When system or device utilization falls below 100%, the technology automatically manages power modes to guarantee user-specified policies related to performance and energy. Similarly, the technology guarantees performance constraints of the user are met and returns devices to full power when utilization increases. The techniques are applicable to PCs, laptops, servers, and blades as well as virtualized environments. The benefits to this technology include: reduced power consumption and heat dissipation, reduced operating cost, and increased system reliability.

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