3D Printing All-Aromatic, High Performance Polyimides and Polybenzoxazoles Using Stereolithography (SLA): Processing the Unprocessable

All-aromatic polymers such as polyimides represent a class of polymers with exceptional thermal and thermo-mechanical properties. The semi-crystalline, rigid-rod, all-aromatic high-performance polyimide based on pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA) and 4,4'-oxydianiline (ODA) (commonly known as Kapton) is thermally stable up to 500C and has a Tg at ~400C. This high Tg and lack of flow makes processing using traditional methods impossible. Here, we show that 3D printed structures of polymers such as Kapton can be prepared using an additive manufacturing (3D printing) technique called stereolithography (SLA). Using SLA, we show that complex geometries and shapes of these 'unprocessable' polymers can be achieved.

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