Transmitting Baseband Signal Through a Narrowband Antenna

An electrically small antenna, ESA, is shown to be equivalent to a RLC tank resonator with either L or C as leaky component or in general L and C leak electromagnetic energy as radiation. In the case that only one of the reactive component is leaking energy, the stored energy in the reactive near field of the antenna is exchanged with the stored energy in the matching circuit (reactive tuning component) in the opposite type every half a cycle. Therefore, one can use this property and guide the stored energy in the tuning lumped component to another lumped component instead of the leaky component, and as a result, oscillation can keep going while the reactive energy in the near zone of the antenna stays at zero value. After one or more cycles, the stored energy in the reactive tuning lumped element can be guided back to the leaky element and radiation process happens one or more cycles. This way antenna can transmit a baseband signal. The schematic below shows the procedure for the case that the radiating component (leaky element) is a distributed inductor and the tuning component is a capacitor.

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