Composition of Textured Piezoelectric Materials for Achieving High Energy Density

Extensive research has been carried out on PZN single crystals because of their excellent dielectric and piezoelectric properties. Although PZN single crystals can be grown by the flux method, perovskite PZN ceramics cannot be synthesized by the conventional mixed-oxide method without doping. Attempts to synthesize perovskite PZN ceramics invariably results in the formation of a pyrochlore phase with accompanying degradation of the dielectric and piezoelectric properties. There is significant interest in finding a method to stabilize the perovskite phase in PZN (via alloying PZN with PZT) without sacrificing the excellent dielectric and piezoelectric properties. Further, instead of growing a single crystal, synthesis of textured ceramics has great potential to achieve the properties comparable to those of single crystals. Here, we show a method to synthesize pyrochlore free PZN-PZT textured ceramics showing enhanced energy density (d x g), which has significant impact on piezoelectric energy harvesting.

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