Use Parasitic Inductance Coupling to Eliminate Power Device Switching Operation Reliability Issues Such As Cross-Talk, Self Turn-On, and Self-Sustained Oscillation

The purpose of this invention is to show the new concept of using parasitic inductance coupling to improve SiC MOSFET switching operation reliability to prevent detrimental phenomenon such as crosstalk, self turn-on, and self-sustained oscillation from happening. Conventional methods either slow down the circuit or increase the design complexity. In addition, parasitic inductances cannot be zero which means there is a limitation in the method of reducing parasitic inductances. This invention provides a new method to improve reliability without sacrificing switching speed or increasing complexity, also parasitic inductances do not have to be minimized specifically.

The main feature and results of this invention are:

1. Parasitic inductance coupling can be applied to solve crosstalk, self turn-on, and self-sustained oscillation problems.

2. SiC MOSFET switching operation reliability can be increased without sacrificing speed, loss, circuit complexity.

3. This technique can be applied to single die as well as two dies in parallel.

4. This invention breaks through conventional thinking of inductance minimization.

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